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Caci Non Surgical Treatments

CACI has attracted an unrivalled celebrity following, making it the most publicised and talked about treatment in the industry's history

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Kerala Massage

Kerala eliminates the sense of stress and tiredness with an incomparable relaxation technique based on the Ayurvedic philosophy. 

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St Tropez Self Tan

There is nothing better than having the perfect tan. Whether you prefer an all-over bronze glow, strong colour or a lighter, natural tone, St. Tropez provides a powerful, healthy self-tanner for all types of sunkissed needs.

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SHELLAC-long lasting polish

Say good-bye to manicure frustration and hello to pure manicure satisfaction.

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How to reach us?

address:193 Upper Richmond Road, Putney, London
SW15 6SG
phone: 020 8788 1102

Special Offers

MANICURE Spa, Paraffin, Rainforest

Book your Kleo's classic manicure now! Choose between hand treatments Spa - exfoliating, Paraffin Wax - moisturising with warm paraffin lavander oil or Rainforest- using exfoliating scrub followed by high quality paraffin oils to soften and moisturise.

All manicures include nail shape, cuticle tidy, hand massage, buffing and polish.



Great time to try one of our summertime favourite holiday treatments.

This treatment reshapes lashes using different techniques of perm or lift, depending on the natural eyelashes, lifting them at the root for a flattering, wide eyed look. It's all down to the specially designed silicone bar or curlers that the lashes are wrapped against which comes in different sizes depending on the length of the lashes and the shape of the eye. If combined with a tint at the end of the treatment even does away with the need for mascara (*if booking tinting is additional treatment that is not on offer price and requires patch test for tint).

Was £38& NOW £30


This 1 hour facial is recommended for prematurely aged and dehydrated skin. Begins with cleansing, followed by exfoliating procedure to remove dead cells so the active substances of the mask can penetrate deep into the skin. Caviar extract actively prevents the skin ageing process. It provides better blood circulation and an immune reaction which causes wrinkles to reduce. Hydration is greatly enhanced.

Was £55 NOW £45


1/2 price Sunbeds Offer Mon-Sunday 9-3pm
(offer extended to include Fri/Sat and Sun)

Dermalogica Gift Sets

FREE GIFT with purchases of £100 on treatments.

Limited stock available!

Ergoline Prestige 1100

2 hours

£108.00 (£0.90 per min/ saves £60.00)

3 hours

£144.00 (£0.80 per min/ saves £108.00)

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